Cohen Chiropractic Centreville may be right for YOU:

  • If your co-pay/co-insurance for specialist is in the region of $25-$50 per visit. Cohen Chiropractic Centreville will most likely save you a lot of money.
  • If you've ever received a bill for care that was finished months ago and should have been paid by your insurance. Cohen Chiropractic's fee schedule is straight forward and taken care of at the time of care.
  • If you need to get referrals or approval before you get care. Your visit here is between the patient and the doctor, no one else is involved.

Cohen Chiropractic Centreville can take care of your health care needs and simplify the payment process. We do not participate with any insurance companies — YOU can come in when YOU want to as often as YOU feel is needed. Without the added cost of insurance processing, fees are kept low.

Payment at each visit means no bills coming to you in the future.