About Cohen Chiropractic Centreville

Cohen Chiropractic Centreville opened in 2007. Dr. Adam Cohen, principal chiropractor in the practice, graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. In 1995, he graduated from Life West Chiropractic School, passed the Maryland State board exam, was licensed, and began practicing with his father, Dr. Jay Cohen in Edgewater, MD. He continues to practice with his father today.

Dr. Cohen explains his background and work ethic:

“I am a second generation chiropractor; I grew up with chiropractic. It has been and will always be the way I maintain the best level of function. I am a chiropractor because I saw how my father enjoyed his job as a chiropractor, and how his patients appreciated his help.

After graduating from college, I worked for a year and decided to go back to school. While I had a bachelor’s degree in biology, I always liked anatomy and physiology. Because my father seemed to like what he did, I decided I would go to chiropractic school in 1991.

I have founded my practice on providing care to people in a more direct manner. The decision about chiropractic care should rest in the relationship between doctor and patient, not with the type and amount of insurance coverage. It is truly my desire to treat my patients as I would want to be treated, and as I treat my own family – delivering the most comprehensive care I can provide.”

— Adam Cohen, D.C.